I Should Have Taken More Pictures in Paris

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Here’s the thing: I should have taken more pictures in Paris. But, when you’re basically going from morning espresso and croissants to wine with (for?) lunch and dinner with no idea when you’re getting home, carrying around an expensive piece of equipment felt more nerve-wracking than I expected.

I also didn’t feel like being one of those tourists who takes pictures of pictures in museums because, well, no thanks. (If that is you, that is cool. You do you… but please LMK what you do with those pictures?)

As a little background, my sister graduated from med school in 2022 and we decided to send it to London and Paris as a “yay, you’re done… until residency…” trip. We spent a few days in London (to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, obviously) but spent the majority of our trip exploring Paris.

I love personal photography because it reminds me why I fell in love with this art in the first place. Because that is really what it is—an art. I LOVE what I do for my families and couples… but taking away the pressure of “delivering a final gallery” lets me get creative and experiment in a way I don’t know I’ll ever truly have in a paid session.

These opportunities to play in a truly free way also help me learn what works (and what doesn’t) so I can pull this creativity, life, and light into sessions.

And I’m posting this now—a year and a half later—because they say to write what you need to hear. I need to hear that it is okay to play, important to reconnect with your why, and because having fun (you and me!) with this is what truly brings your sessions to life.

…and, because we’re all about full disclosure around here, I just love these pictures, and if I back posted this, no one would see them!

Anywho… I did carry my camera around on one of my favorite days of our visit. Enjoy!

Before Wine

During & After Wine

I threw a pair of tights over my lens for a few!

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