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We'll spend a WHOLE lotta time together on your wedding or elopement day (professional third wheel over here!) so making sure we're a good fit is key for BOTH of us.

If you're looking for posed shots and tons of direction (don't worry, I'll give ya some!), I'm not your girl.  If you want to capture the essence of your love story—the in between moments, the belly laughs, and the happy tears—I'm all yours.
(And, if you want someone on the dance floor or on the top of a mountain with ya at the end of the night, with a glass of rosé in one hand and a camera in the other, I'm definitely all yours.)

I'll find the perfect balance of fly on the wall and letting things unfold naturally while ensuring you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. But, if I do my job right, you'll (at least kinda) forget I'm even there.

Let's have fun and get creative while capturing your wild love. Cause really, if we're not having fun, whats the point?


Are we a perfect fit?

P.S. Being the perfect fit also means you love my shooting style and edits, so double check in my portfolio or on the 'gram!


For a personalized quote or to inquire about an intimate wedding or couple's session use the link below to send me an inquiry.

Vermont wedding photography coverage starts at $3,500.
Elopement photography coverage starts at $1,300. 


This is the REAL moment you've been waiting for, right?

Wedding and elopement galleries have a typical turnaround time of 6-8 weeks but I'll always send a little sneak peak before that so you have a few to post, print and play with while you wait!

get your gallery


Let's get you married! Now it is time to have fun, stay super present with the people you love and enjoy one of the best days of your life. I'm here to help keep it as stress-free as possible (like it should be)!

the big day


A few months before "I do", I'll shoot you a  questionnaire so we can make a plan together. The questionnaire is one of my FAVORITE parts of the process—it helps me get to know more about you and your vision for your day.

We'll chat all things details, timelines, locations, and anything else you want me to know.

lets make a plan


A little practice never hurt anyone! This isn't a must but I 10/10 recommend. Getting comfy in front of a camera will make your day feel super smooth and easy. We'll be used to working with each other and you'll be familiar with my style and direction.

(Plus, engagement pics make save-the-dates super easy and they're so much fun to look back on!)

engagement session


After we chat, the ball is in your court!

If you decide you wanna make this thing official, let me know and I'll send a contract your way. This, along with a 50% retainer will hold your date.

At this point, you'll get access to my Client Lounge where you can explore planning tips for your engagement shoot, wedding or elopement day and more. This is not another boring PDF to download and never read. It is an interactive site to find the information you need most. 

On the calendar


If you're local to the Vermont area, let's grab a drink (rosé, anyone?) or a coffee! We could even go for a hike or a walk to get to know each other better. 

If in person is a no-go, we can set up a zoom or phone call to get to know each other (coffee or a drink still in-hand!). I love doing engagement sessions with my couples as well. This gets you comfy in front of a camera before "I do" and gives us a great chance to keep gettin' to know each other

Lets hang out


one step at a tiime

Step by step,
here's what to expect...


If you've been engaged for more than about five seconds, someone has probably said something along the lines of  "your day goes by SO FAST, savor every moment."

I got that advice more times than I could count in the days and months leading up to my own "I do". 

And here is the thing - those people are NOT lying to you. Sure, it may be one of the most overused pieces of advice around, but it is SO popular because it is SO true. To be honest, I didn't really believe how true it was until I lived it myself. The day does go by faster than I ever imagined it would and - because of the way our brains work - it is really, really hard to remember the little moments that made the day what it truly was.

We'll make sure to grab the big moments, I PROMISE (no missed first kisses here!). But, I am here to capture the in between moments - the glances, hand holding, and other details that come together to create your unique day. I want your images to bring you back to the wild love and emotion you were feeling in that (fleeting) moment.



as it


how it

Tell the real story of your life


Think we'd be a great fit?

but first