A Vermont elopement & intimate family photographer who believes there is (way) more to your session than taking pictures.

oh heyyy, I'm Ali...

My dog, blue

I capture your story, real moments, adventures, and everyday love affairs. I don't do things in halves. If we decide we're the perfect fit, I'm all in, down for the hike, up for a dance (mojito in hand!), and here for the real stuff.

We live in northern Vermont with our GSP pup Blue and we LOVE getting outside into the mountains and onto the lake. Sam is a maker, artist & YouTuber so we always have tons of house and DIY projects going on over here. 

Together, he and I are a beautiful contradiction between loving the speed of life and basking in the slower moments (there are so few of the these days, right?).

That is one of the reasons I fell in love with photography so quickly when I first picked up a camera. It helps us slow down, connect with each other and can pull us back into deep experiences and emotions that would otherwise fade into another blurry memory.

That ^^ is me and my hubby, Sam!

If I REALLY wanted to have a go at this whole photography thing, I would have to MAKE the time... So I did! Life threw the opportunity at me (it has a way of doing that if you're open to listening), I started working with an AMAZING photography mentor and spending hours behind a lens.

And then I realized...

... and I haven't "wanted to be a photographer ever since I can remember." My passion for photography developed (a bit) later in my life and since then, I would consider it quite the obsession. For a long time, photography was my "if I had two more hours in the day" thing.


my photog journey

I was drawn to creative, stylistic, intimate shots but wasn't seeing that reflected in my work. I looked back and saw myself in photos, not my couple's real, wild love. So, I changed everything.

I slowed down, I paid attention to what my couples were doing, saying, and wanting. I stopped posing clients and, instead, gently guided them to be themselves. I sat back and let real moments unfold, stayed present and spent more time thinking about how to capture THEIR moment, exactly how it was happening instead of jumping ahead to the next one.

When my family officially grew beyond Sam, Blue, and I (read: when I started growing a tiny human) I found a new passion beyond elopements and started shooting more mamas, mamas-to-be, newborns and family sessions.

The farther along in my pregnancy I got, the more I realized how fleeting these moments are and how important it is to document them in a real, raw way. So, I pulled the same shooting philosophy into maternity, newborn and family sessions and never looked back.

two years in, I had a Pivotal moment where i realized that the way i was shooting didn't feel right.


love notes

- shirly, bride

“Working with Ali was
more than I could have ever asked for!"

She was phenomenal,  from the first time I reached out to her and explained our situation about wanting to elope and cancel our destination wedding, to wanting an adventure mini hike in Vermont with just a small gathering of our friends and family. She was ready to take on the challenge! She made us feel so comfortable while capturing all the important moments. She got great shots of us dancing on the streets in the middle of the mountain as well as wonderful photos with our friends and family during the ceremony, it was amazing! Ali is very professional, spontaneous and full of energy. I am so glad I reached out to her to be a part of our big day! 

Working with Ali was more than I could have ever asked for! 


We celebrated our marriage at the Formal Gardens on Shelburne farms, and although Ali was familiar with the property she also drove around before we shot to have various locations for recommendations (and drove us to the locations in her own car as well!). Our gallery is filled with...candid shots of genuine moments we shared as a couple–truly a gallery that tells a story of the day.

We are so happy with all the amazing shots and memories she captured on our special day and I highly recommend her expertise and talented eye to anyone looking for a photographer.

"Ali was an amazing addition to our intimate wedding ceremony."


She made us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and we had an absolute blast! Before the photoshoot, she spent a lot of time getting to know us, our style, and what we wanted from our pictures. Communication with her was easy throughout the whole process, and the photos came out better than we could have imagined! The experience of working with her was unforgettable!

"Ali was so amazing to work with!!"


second shooting for ellen sargent photography

"On top of the bright bubbly irreplaceable spirit & talent she brings to your wedding day, she is thoughtful, organized, ready to help you problem solve to ensure that YOU as a bride feel taken care of. I am encouraging you to stop reading about how much I love her because I could go all day, and you need to hire her ASAP!"



"...and effortlessly brings you out of your shell to escape the normal awkwardness that can come with being photographed! Her photos are beautiful, her energy is contagious, and you will never go wrong with choosing her as your photographer!!"



We decided to get engagement pictures in Vermont while we were visiting and we loved Ali so much we asked her to come to Ohio for our wedding! She was great and very professional every step of the way! Everyone at the wedding kept telling me how much they loved her. The final photos were beautiful! We were so grateful to have Ali on our big day!

"We found Ali by luck searching through Instagram and I am so glad we did! 


She really catered to us as a couple, while also adding her own artistic touch to each moment she captured. A photographer is truly the only person on your wedding day you spend the whole time with... Ali really made the day feel smooth, and captured each moment perfectly. She was present and... really allowed us to be our authentic selves when it was just the two of us. I will forever cherish the collection of photos she put together for us and would highly recommend her as your photographer.

"We hired Ali 9 months prior to our wedding and she was the absolute best!"




a. true reflection of your wild love

I don't want you to feel like you have to perform for me. I want you to be yourself and move in a way that feels natural to you so we can document memories that are a true reflection of you.

my philosophy







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Necco wafers,
bottling it up,
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dark chocolate,
long walks, 
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I need to be real with you... I’m not the perfect photographer for everyone. But, if you’re all about keeping it fun and going on an adventure that really represents who you are together, I might just be the photographer for you.


feelin' it?