I'm an elopement & intimate family and maternity photographer who believes there is (way) more to your session than taking pictures. Follow along with past love stories, special family moments (bumps, mamas, and growing littles), and personal adventures here!



Shelburne Farms Sunset Engagement Session

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This Shelburne Farms sunset engagement session was absolutely perfect. The farm is an amazing place for any photography shoot—it boasts gardens, lake views, mountain tops, wooded walks, fields, animals, and stunning architecture. As if that isn’t reason enough, Kate and Cody had a special connection to the farm since Kate lived and worked there for […]

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Engagement Photography

Shelburne Farms Engagement Session with B & E // Should We Take a Selfie?

This Shelburne Farms engagement session was a photographer’s dream—lovers in golden light and golden fields? Yes, please! Remember when I said that photography has brought people back into my life? Emily is a friend from high school who reached out after proposing to her girlfriend, Brittany. We spent the evening picnicking, taking selfies, and sipping […]

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Love stories? Here's mine!

I wasn't born with a camera in my hand and I haven't "wanted to be a photographer ever since I can remember." My passion for photography developed (a bit) later in my life and since then, I would consider it quite the obsession...

dog-obsessed, Cadbury-chocolate-egg-loving, get-me-outside-girl. 

Hi, I'm Ali.



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I like to describe my style as, "a little grain, a little pop of color, a lot of wild love."


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